Holding Up The World: CD
  • Holding Up The World: CD
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The title track opens the album and you know what? It just gets ya! There and then, it grabs you and doesnt let go. My god its beautiful. Instantly hummable, with lyrics that engage your thoughts and make you both sad and happy simultaneously. What initially seems like a love song to his wife, like all the best songs it also says something else. But what is it? ...Holding up the world, so many things get broken, when youre holding up the world, you cant protect your heart.... Grimm is a storyteller, up there with the likes of Crowell, Earle and Jackson Browne. He sings of families being lost, the loss of rural America, returnees from Basra, slaves escaping a horrendous life, floods, yearning, anguish and the reason why people faced with such adversity carry on whilst being totally empathetic toward their plight or feelings. He also brings in other music genres within the Americana field like some Appalachian on "Or Bust". Bit like Woody Guthrie. Supported by Jason Wilber from John Prines band, and label mate Krista Detor, Grimm has restored my faith in todays folk music. It was starting to wane, but this guy has bought it back. Im not going to single out any other tracks for praise. I cant, because theyre all excellent. Its taken me ages to get around to reviewing this album and thats simply because Ive been too busy listening to it. Americana UK

“One of the best storytelling songwriters in America” Rootsville, Belgium

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