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Beyond The Tartan- 10 day group Tour to Scotland with Tim

JOIN ME ! Edinburgh and the Highlands

JOIN ME on a magical 10 day Tour of Scotland ! History, culture, food, music and sight-seeing with just 16 people ! We start in Edinburgh and work our way up to the Isle of Skye, then north to Inverness-- with music and discoveries along the way. We have wonderful guides and like-minded travelers. This is a fantastic way to see and experience Scotland ! FIne Scottish music along the way, and I'll be doing a Concert for our group as well. Check the website-



On this tour we’ll go to the far north of our beloved country to see impressive white sand beaches with turquoise water, majestic glens and mountains, ride ferries across legendary waterways, dance traditional ceilidhs, step back in time to explore historic villages, heritage sites, and of course some of the mystical standing stones and circles of Orkney.

One of the highlights of this tour is a visit to the UNESCO site of Skara Brae, where you can understand the prehistoric life of our Scottish ancestors from over 5,000 years ago! Come along with us to experience some of the hidden gems our beautiful country has to offer on a magical, musical tour we hope that you’ll never forget.