Back from a wonderful trip out West. Spent a long weekend at the North American Folk Alliance conference in San Diego, then worked my way up the coast visiting old friends, making new ones, and playing music. Was also able to visit friend, Ramblin' Jack (Elliott) at his home in N. CA. We enjoyed an Arlo Guthrie family concert and had lunch with the Guthries. A good time had in Seattle-- great radio station there-- WBCS. Did a show with old Ann Arbor friend, Matt Price. Back home for a bit before heading East again... The new record, NAMES, is in final touches and we'll be releasing that in August.... or October. I'll be writing and compiling music for "The Grapes of Wrath" stageplay, to play in Indianapolis (Indiana Repertory Theatre) and Syracuse, NY (Syracuse Stage) in early 2005. I'll also perform much of the music live in those productions. Hope to get on here a bit more often. Best to you all- Tim