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JUNE 6- 14, 2020

Netherlands- The Turning Point Tour

Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas invite you to:  

Join us on a trip to The Turning Point

Holland, also known as The Netherlands.

Here's our itinerary for 2020-



Discover its fascinating, rich history, art, culture and the many American connections.

See the sights you normally wouldn’t see.

A trip that is intimate, different, flexible, relaxed, adventurous and fun.


A trip to the Netherlands...you might be asking!? You even might be asking, "Where is the Netherlands, also known as Holland? And why do Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas know so much about it?"

The Netherlands is tucked between Belgium and Germany, with its north coast located on the North Sea. It is a country full of history, art and culture and there are many connections to our own history in America. It is often referred to in the USA as Holland, but the term "Holland" is more literally used when speaking of the two provinces that are called Noord and Zuid Holland (North and South Holland). They were from the 10th to the 16th century a unified political region ruled by the Counts of Holland from whom the current king is a descendant. By the 17th century, Holland had risen to become a maritime and economic world power, dominating the other provinces of the then newly independent Dutch Republic.

Tim Grimm has been traveling to The Netherlands for ten years now, performing all over the country, and now with Jan, leading trips to the hidden gems of the land that he has come to know well. Tim's manager and "man on the ground" Bert de Ruiter, has put together a wonderful itinerary, delving into some places and people you would only know about or find from living there.

The trip is intimate, with 9-12 people joining Tim, Jan and Bert. We travel by boat, by train, on foot and in two mini vans (Tim and Bert as your drivers). We follow an itinerary but are open to possible changes if something comes up.

The first few days are based in Haarlem, a thriving but manageably sized city with it's own unique history, canals, great restaurants and even a couple of breweries (!). From that base, we take some day trips to other sites of interest while having the comfort of staying in one place. The next lodging location is a small village in the north-- our base for exploring rural Dutch life and history.


Discover what we shared and share, then and now, in a very personal and unique way. You will be going to places the typical tourist will not be visiting.

Enjoy 2 Dutch Tim Grimm concerts as well as concerts by wonderful local artists whose music is an interesting mix of Americana and European genres such as French Chanson. (They will perform in English for you)

Attend a concert at The Turning Point, the subject of Tim’s Dutch 18th century Murder Ballad and one of Holland’s most popular intimate Americana venues.

Anne in Amsterdam a favorite of many on Tim’s latest record. Obviously The Anne Frank House is included in the trip as well as the Resistance Museum and some parts of Amsterdam you should not tell your parents about.

Dutch engineers play a major role in the development of flood protection systems in in New Orleans and New York. See how the Dutch battled and conquered the wild waters

Harlem, New York was founded in the 17th century as a Dutch military outpost named New Haarlem.  The Dutch Haarlem is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Holland and our base for the first few days.

(Dutch) Haarlem has a rich beer-brewing history with more than 150 beer breweries.  And yes a beer-tasting event is included in the tour.

Jheronimus Bosch, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer, Vincent van Gogh, Willem de Kooning, Karel Appel, Anton Heijboer. Holland had and has a rich art history. Visits to museums of 17th century and contemporary art are part of the itinerary.

The Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.) was the first shareholders-owned company in the world. Houses of the 17th century’s rich merchant shareholders can still be admired in Amsterdam, but also in former Zuiderzee harbors such as Hoorn and Enkhuizen.

Henry Hudson was employed by the Dutch East India Company (V.O.C) to find an easterly passage to Asia. Due to ice blocking he ended up into New York Harbor and proceeded up what is today the Hudson River. His voyage established Dutch claims to the region and New Amsterdam in Manhattan became the capital of New Netherland in 1625.

But the Dutch are merchants, so they sold New Amsterdam to the English. …If they hadn’t you might have been speaking Dutch today. 



The group will be no more than  14 guests plus your hosts Tim Grimm, Jan Lucas and Bert de Ruiter, Tim’s European manager and man on the ground. We’ll be traveling in 2 comfortable mini buses with Tim and Bert as your drivers and guides.


The small group and 2 mini buses allow for more flexibility. Although in general we will follow the tried and true itinerary, there is always the chance of stumbling upon the unexpected. We keep our and your options open and nothing is carved in stone.


 We go at our own pace – fast enough to pack in a lot of amazing sights and incredible experiences but slow enough that those experiences are extra meaningful and become fond memories.

Art, Culture and History …..

To a large extend we will be avoiding the obvious. Our aim is to show you bits of the rich Dutch history, art and culture in places where the masses don’t go. 


Music plays an important part in our lives. Besides a special Tim Grimm concert at The Turning Point, our itinerary will include a number of concerts with the best local singer/songwriters whose music can be best described as Europicana i.e. Americana with European influences. Here is one of the artists that will perform for you: JP Den Tex with Little Song For You  and Muddy Waters On The Radio preceded by the stories of the songs.


For more information please contact:

Tim Grimm – tim@timgrimm.com   - www.timgrimm.com

Bert de Ruiter – bert@cavalier-musicmanagement.com - www.cavalier-musicmanagement.com

The expected costs for 2020 are $2350 per person- dbl occupancy, or $2600 per single. Costs include 9 nights lodging, all in-country travel, all breakfasts, 2 group dinners, music, museums. Guests pay for their flight, lunches, 7 dinners, drinks & tips.