Coyote's Dream: CD
  • Coyote's Dream: CD
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“One of the best folk-Americana records we’ve EVER heard.” Ctrl. Alt. Country

“ Grimm writes and sings in the tricky grey area between folk and country, where so many fall between the cracks, by turn evoking Woody Guthrie, whose 1913 Massacre he covers, and Johnny Cash….Grimm is a powerful enough writer and singer to reconcile these dichotomies on an album which, with it’s gripping rural story songs, can be compared to Nebraska, though Grimm, while often as dark as Springsteen, isn’t as pessimistic.” John Conquest, 3rd COAST MUSIC

“an engaging, perceptive songwriter—highly literate, subtly nuanced and inventive while retaining a traditionalist’s love for classic country folk and bluegrass… Grimm travels the highways and byways of rural America, searching every dark corner and crevice of the beaten path to find some sort of beauty and purity. His voice is world weary but never beaten…..” David Coonce, The Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN

“Grimm is another link in the chain of literate singer songwriters that sees a side to the story that we always miss. The songs are little novels that unfold slowly and then knock you off your feet when you’re not looking… A real find.” Village Records

“… a wealth of folk roots and engaging songs that play in the mind like vivid short stories or films…” Jim Manion, NO DEPRESSION

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