The Back Fields: CD
  • The Back Fields: CD
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“Another great piece of Americana writing and playing. In these days of troubled times it’s good to hear the other side of America coming through loud and clear…. If you scratch the surface hard enough you will find the real writers shining through….” Lawrence Nitschke- AUSTRALIA

“one of the best albums of these last years….” Mike Penard, ISA Radio, FRANCE

“The Back Fields” will always be modern in the same way that Tracy Chapman’s music will never be “90’s music” and Hal Ketchum’s songs can’t strictly be termed “country.” Because it will never sound dated, naming a genre does Tim Grimm’s music a disservice. The banjo, harmonica and bluegrass inflections are beside the point. Even when the album sounds country, it’s either in a gritty or easy way….Above all, “The Back Fields” contains the best trait of great country music: it makes the specific universal and the universal personal…..The sound and emotional hues of “The Back Fields” are— very plainly and tenderly—timeless. Elizabeth Ross, The Herald-Times, Bloomington,IN

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