Heart Land Again: CD
  • Heart Land Again: CD
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The dozen songs are packed with simple truths—which are the best kind—and immensely easy to become totally immersed in. With evocative imagery of life and rural landscapes, Tim seamlessly blends his deeply personal ruminations on family, friends, lovers, a musician's transient life, and the frequently confounding nature of existence—and creates a universally felt home for memory, gratitude, acceptance, and regret. His songs carry an independent spirit and grit … a hard bitten yet romantic eye that seems bred into the greatest songwriters. Alan Cackett, UK

A perfect folk album. Fired by the love of the heartlands. Full of empathy for the people — Tim Grimm is an enlightened, progressive folk singer, in the style of Woody Guthrie and Ramblin 'Jack Elliott and "Heart Land Again" is another great album by one of the most important US folk singers of our time! Country.de / Thomas Waldherr- Germany

"Heart Land Again" is an atmospheric, intense and pure album that hits you immediately. Together with his Family Band, (they) have lifted the songs to a higher level. A great album. Staying In Love, one of the two new songs on the CD, is the most moving and powerful on the album. This is partly due to the strong composition and the beautiful landscape of sounds and colors, but it is also Tim's most emotionally filled voice, cast in a beautiful vocal line that touches the depths of your soul. His voice is even more thorough and raw than before, so everything is richer. He really is a master at telling stories. bluesmagazine.nl- The Netherlands

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