Another Guitar...

When I was in my early teens, my parents built a house out in the country. The contractor, Lyman Monroe, worked with his sons on the framing and much of the finish work. My parents still live in that beautiful house, set in the woods on a small lake. My wife and boys and I live about 5 miles down the road. As a birthday present this year, my Mother "contracted" Lyman to built me a guitar. He's slowed down his housebuilding operation, and loves in his "spare" time to work with his hands. He's made now, he thinks, a dozen guitars. I just picked it up yesterday.... Beautiful walnut back and sides and a neck shaped and hand-sanded to fit my grip. I can already feel his quiet resolve and deep intent on building this instrument designed to please my Mom and to bring me joy in the playing of it. Many of you will, in the future, be hearing it as well. It's now being finished at Jim Bennett's in Nineveh.... should have it back in my hands in a few weeks.... look for the "Lyman" on the headstock.
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