Aaahhhhh. The new cd, "Coyote's Dream", is finally here. We layed down the first tracks 19 months ago.. .I'm happy to bring it out into the world, and in so many ways I feel it is a true companion to "Heart Land". It could not have been completed without the help of so many.... I'm grateful. Cd release concerts begin tonight in INDY and 2 nights next weekend in my home stomping grounds. While I'm here-- may FAVORITE CD'S OF 2002: Patty Griffin- 1000 Kisses Carrie Newcomer- The Gathering of Spirits The writing, production, voices and spirit of each of these recordings is beautiful. I encourage anyone to find these and take a listen. I have. Again and again and again. And, a cd I'm really looking forward to hearing (also from 2002): Tom Pacheco- There Was A Time (on Appleseed)-- I've heard a couple of great cuts and think he's a kindred spirit (in some ways) as a songwriter- thematically.
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