Hi Folks- Nice news from the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in L.A. "Coyote's Dream" was runner-up to Doc Watson for Best Traditional Folk Album of 2004, and "Browning Mountain" was runner-up in Best Traditional Folk Song. "Better Days" had previously won Best Traditional Folk Song in 2002, and "Heart Land" was runner-up in Best Traditional Folk Album. Just Plain Folks is a grass-roots organization with many thousand members from all areas and genres of music. Their site is worth checking out-- Also, glad to report that "NAMES" has done very well in Folk and Americana radio. "NAMES" was the #1 album on the Folk DJ chart for November, and "Pretty Boy Floyd" was the #2 song. Also, I was very honored to earn the #1 Folk Artist spot in October and November (the only Artist to be #1 for 2 months in '04). Top Artist is based on total airplay from all recordings (not just the most recent). Other #1 artists this past year have included.... Greg Brown, Ricky Skaggs, Eliza Gilkyson, Bill Staines, The Roaches, Richard Shindell and Bob Dylan.... very honorable company. I am also pleased that all songs from "NAMES" have received airplay. The Folk DJ charts can be found at: In the Americana World, "NAMES" charted at #3 for the months of October and November in the Freeform American Roots chart, and was named a Top 10 - Album of the year. Freeform American Roots is a collection of independent radio djs from around the world who play a variety of American-based roots music. Compiled by John Conquest of 3rd Coast Music in TX, more can be found on their site: www.accd/tcmn/far/
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